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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

July, August,September 2016

No posts through the summer. Too busy gardening (and playing Pokémon Go).

It is almost a year since we moved to Devon and this will be my final blog post for the time being.

Summer has been fun. We have enjoyed having a succession of visitors. I have relearnt how to bake scones and have provided a few Devonshire cream teas!

Ready for visitors!

In my last post (June 2016) I showed my first pickings from the garden. Two bunches of sweetpeas and a small bunch of radishes.

The garden has provided continuing produce and entertainment through the summer months.

A good supply of runner beans
Plenty of radishes

A good crop of chillis

Enough to pickle

I picked sweetpeas for 3 months


Paul has been building a rockery for his modern miniature daffodils and other alpines

We have enjoyed using the firepit Paul gave me for Christmas.

Fish and chips in the garden with Sam

Discussing the meaning of life etc. with Mark

I have also had time to track down local sea food
Tasty Clovelly lobster!

And of course play Pokémon Go....

I am level 21 now and have 76  Pokémon in my pokedex!

But now Summer is coming to an end along with my first year in Devon. I think I am gradually adjusting to retirement. My plan for the coming year is to avoid too much planning...

Final bunch of sweetpeas for this year.

I suppose I could do a Pokémon Go blog....

I caught this one in the van

 What a happy retirement...