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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

April 2016

April has been an enjoyable month with lots of good weather and visits from family and friends. Mark came at Easter and Sam came and helped with some tree surgery.

Bridget and Ian visited from Shropshire. We ate and drank, played cards and did some sight seeing.

Paul and I have been playing bridge together on a Friday afternoon and we also played in a charity competition at a local stately home.

It was a very big house with beautiful grounds and views but the room where we ate lunch was most unusual!
We have spent a lot of time in the garden. Despite snow, rain, thunder and lightening there has been enough sun for me to get my traditional sunburnt nose!
I planted out my sweet pea plants quite early. Fingers crossed for no late frosts!

I helped Paul remove the final annoying sycamores from the hedgerow.
I pulled on the rope while he did the chain sawing.
They mainly fell where we wanted them to.

We burnt some of the twiggy bits and pieces on a very large bonfire.
This will eventually be the site of a raised bed so the grass doesn't matter.

We have an unusual pink bluebell growing on the bank.

Finally we bought some more eggs from the neighbouring chicken farmer.

One egg was much bigger than the rest.

Farmer John was right it was a double yolk!