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Friday, 22 January 2016

2016... A Year in Devon


Well at the end of last year it rained pretty much non stop for 6 weeks.

My gardening was put on hold. Every time I walk across the lawn to top up my bird feeding station  I sink in and my garden crocs (shoes) fill up with water.

Walking Club in the rain was not very tempting although we did manage a couple of walks.

New Year's Day walk in Boscastle. Beware of the mud!

Sam lead the way.
Well wrapped up against the weather

A local walk discovered by Mark.
Still quite muddy.

I have gone off playing bridge at the bridge club and last week felt myself at risk of extreme boredom....

However, this week the weather has improved and things are looking up. We went for a quick pre-dawn stargazing trip in the van (planet gazing actually).

We were looking for the rare line up of 5 planets.
We actually saw 4, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus, but will go again and hope to catch Mercury as well

We also made our January trip to the Eden Project. We plan to go once a month because we like it and also you only pay for your first visit each year.

Paul's photo
Looking down on the tropical plants in the Rainforest Biome.
We were standing on the aerial platform about 100 feet up
It was lovely and warm even though it was literally freezing outside.

I have continued sorting the stuff in my room.

Kokeshi dolls on display

I planted some primroses on my garden bank.

Paul found these plants in the skip. They had been thrown away by the show house gardener.
I have also discovered or revived a range of other hobbies, i.e. I have bought a book on how to research local history, I am knitting an unusual scarf for someone, I have been sewing curtains and cushions, I attempted a new micro macrame design for Paul's birthday card (unfortunately it turned out wrong), my Christmas jig saw puzzle is progressing and I have been making holiday plans.

Last but not least I have been for my January swim!!!

January 22nd a quick swim at Putsborough beach.
The water was quite cold but it was a lovely sunny day.

 What will the rest of 2016 bring???    I've really no idea.....