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Thursday, 26 May 2016

May 2016

May has been a busy month in the garden. Lots of sunny weather has meant plenty of time spent outdoors. This is what we came here for!

At the beginning of the month Harry helped us transfer sleepers from the drive into the garden. Well  we helped him.

Suddenly these immovable objects can be lifted by one man!
Combination of lift and drag - in the rain.
This two man rope technique worked very well and the rain stopped.

My raised beds - nearly done.
Ready for planting.

Courgette plant, runner beans and lupin growing happily.

Joe came to lend a hand towards the end of the month.

A chance for us to admire his new car and have a ride in it with the top down!

He helped with various heavy jobs and prepared my second raised bed for planting.

Herb garden started with rosemary, sage and thyme.

Meanwhile Paul's pond and bog garden plan has been gradually evolving..

At this point it looked a bit of a mess.

Now its coming on and Paul's raised beds are looking promising.

Change of plan. Empty it all out and start again with help from Joe.

We had another interesting visitor earlier in the month.

He's hiding, but not very well.

And now he's come out for a proper photo!

So the main activity this month has been gardening, but I have also found time for bridge, the Exeter Alpine Garden Society show, garden bird watching, shopping (mainly for garden stuff), weekly volunteering sessions at the old folk's home and last but not least a weekend away at Paul's nephew's wedding.

It was a lovely weekend. Beautiful bride and bridesmaids and more beautiful weather.