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The Estuary

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June 2016

 Another busy month in the garden.....

First crop of radishes
31st May
First small bunch of sweetpeas
9th June

I have enjoyed spending long days working on the wall
and have made good use of the garden carrier made for me by Steve for my 60th birthday.

I am hoping to make a seat in this bit of wall and grow some taller hedging plants on top to hide my short cut into the farmer's field.
We have visited several NGS gardens. (Private gardens that open to raise money for charity.)
This lovely garden on Exmoor belongs to a friend from the Bridge Club.

I am also pleased to report that we have found a jolly good supplier of local fresh fish.
Dan the Fish Man who we met up with at Appledore Quayside and bought lobster and Turbot.

My mother was very pleased with this little lobster.

We have been for a couple of walks along the Tarka Trail

Tarka Trail near Fremington

There was a very high tide in the estuary.

I'm getting used to retirement, but don't want to get old too quickly. We used our old people's bus passes for the first time last week. Quite handy to travel to a nice French restaurant and not have to worry about driving home and the buses come every 10 minutes!
On Tuesdays I volunteer at the Old People's Home so that makes me feel a bit younger. I have been helping some of the residents grow salad crops in the garden and we have been making things for the summer fayre.
I added some macramé bracelets to our stall and enjoyed meeting a few more locals.

 I am gradually settling into this new life and seem to be busy enough most of the time.

Today I picked a slightly bigger bunch of sweet peas!